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Sandman Halco 2500 Pump Parts Shaft Sleeve H20613-21G-7A


Sandman Halco 2500 Pump Parts Shaft Sleeve H20613-21G-7A

Brand Name : Sandman

Model Number : Halco 2500

Certification : ISO, CE, etc

Place of Origin : China

MOQ : 1

Price : 300

Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union

Supply Ability : 2000+set+per month

Delivery Time : In stock

Packaging Details : wooden case

Part Code : H20613-21G-7A

Part # : 646490656

Material : 416SS, Ceramic

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H20613-21G-7A Sleeve, Shaft P/N 646490656 used for Mission 2500 Supreme Centrifugal Packing Pump.

Tobee's sleeves are made of stainless steel and ceramic are designed to protect the shaft from abrasive fluids.

The Mission 2500 Supreme has a semi-open impeller design that contains wide-tipped vanes and a more tangential circumference of the suction allowing the pump to create a smoother flow pattern when handling abrasive fluids. The 2500 Supreme is available in hard iron, supreme hard iron, and aluminum bronze fluid ends. The pumps can be unitized with electric motors, diesel engines, and hydraulic motors (horizontal, vertical, or close-coupled configuration).

Design Features:

• Versatile stuffing box
• Thick, strong, concentric casing with replaceable casing wear pad
• Casing gasket receded for protection.
• Replaceable stuffing box cover with dual stuffing box bolts
• Long-life, no-adjustment mechanical seal available for near zero leakage
• Replaceable shaft sleeve
• Solid Frame base
• Labyrinth seals for maximum bearing protection
• Duplex angular contact bearings
• Full pipe diameter entrance for minimum turbulence and maximum efficiency
• Wide semi-open impeller creates lower axial thrust for improved bearing life
• All sizes feature the same power end

Halco 2500 Supreme Centrifugal Pump Parts List:

2500 Supreme Parts List
Item Qty Part Number Process # Description Material Item Qty Part Number Process # Description Material
1* 1 See Below See Below Casing, Includes 1 thru 1E Hard Iron 12A 1 H7496-253 648402295 Seal, O.B. Brg Housing Buna-n
1A 1 10399-46-1 648403012 Gasket, Casing Vellumoid 12B 4 H3861-138 3861-138 Bolts, O.B. Brg. Housing Stl
1B 12 3932-61 3932-61H Nut, Casing Stainless Steel 12C 2 H3932-62 658404702 Nut, O.B. Brg. Housing Jam Stl
1C 12 H2507-3 648401115 Stud, Casing Stl 13 1 H20617A 20617H Cover, O.B. Bearing Ductile Iron
1D* 1 See Below See Below Wear Pad, Includes stds, nuts & gskt 13A 1 661010020 Grease Zerk, O.B. Brg. Cvr. Stl
1E 1 8505-2H 601474703 Plug, Casing Drain Stl 13B 1 H7496-26 072200017 O-ring, O.B. Bearing Cover Buna-n
2* 1 See Below See Below Impeller Hard Iron 13C 1 H2564-3 2564-3H Labyrinth Seal, O.B. Brg. Cvr. Buna-n
2A 1 H19110-72 648405082 Seal, Impeller Viton 13D 2 H3861-139 3861-139-4 Bolt, O.B. Brg. Cover Stainless Steel
3*# 1 H22223-01-30 22223H Stuffing box, Mech. Seal Ductile Hard Iron 14 2 H20616-1S 648408201S Bearing, O.B. (2 Req'd) Vendor
3*& 1 H20614-01-30 20614H Stuffing Box, Packed Ductile Hard Iron 14A 1 H6124-4 648402105 Lockwasher, O.B. Bearing Stl
3A 2 H3861-117 3861-117 Bolt, Stuffing box Stl 14B 1 H6123-4 648402055 Lucknut, O.B. Bearing Stl
3B& 1 19368-1H 19368-1H Grease Fitting Stl Casings - Includes Studs, Nuts & Gasket
4 2 H20622-4A 20622AH Gland Assy., Packing Stainless Steel 1* 1 H19203-01-30A 19203AH Casing, 3x2x13 Hard Iron
5A# 1 H22451-1A 22451K Seal, Mechanical Tungsten Carbide 1* 1 H19205-01-30A 19205AH Casing, 4x3x13,w/ wear pad Hard Iron
5B~ 1 8264-24-OB 648402600 Packing, Shaft 1* 1 H19222-01-30A 19222AH Casing, 5x4x14,w/ wear pad Hard Iron
6 2 20629 601102494 BOLT,GLAND Stl 1* 1 H19122-01-30A 19122AH Casing, 6x5x11,w/ wear pad Hard Iron
7 1 H20612-02-33 646490557 Shaft AISI 4140 1* 1 H19123-01-30A 19123AH Casing, 6x5x14,w/ wear pad Hard Iron
7A# 1 H20613-21A 646492505 Sleeve, Shaft (M.S. Pump) 416SS 1* 1 H19763-01-30A 19763AH Casing, 8x6x11,w/ wear pad Hard Iron
7A& 1 H20613-21G-7A 646490656 Sleeve, Shaft (Pack Pump) 416SS/Ceramic 1* 1 H19117-01-30A 19117AH Casing, 8x6x14,w/ wear pad Hard Iron
7B 1 H4372-5-21 601212392 Key, Shaft 416ss 1* 1 H20937-01-30A 20937AH Casing, 10x8x14,w/ wear pad Hard Iron
7C 1 23444-01-72 648415156 Seal, Shaft Sleeve Viton Impellers and Casing Wear Pads
8 1 22210-1A 641116108 Deflector Assembly Bronze 2* 1 H19204-XX-30 Varies Impeller, 3x2x13 Open Ductile Hard Iron
9 1 H17444 17444H Frame, Grease Lubricated Cast Iron 2* 1 H19206-XX-30 Varies Impeller, 4x3x13 Open Ductile Hard Iron
9A! 1 H8505-1 8505-1 Plug, Oil Drain Iron 2* 1 H2523-XX-30 Varies Impeller, 5x4x14 Semi Open Ductile Hard Iron
9B! 1 8505-2H 601474703 Plug, Oil Iron 2* 1 H2524-XX-30 Varies Impeller, 6x5x11 Semi Open Ductile Hard Iron
9C 1 601474737 Plug, Frame Drain Iron 2* 1 H2524-XX-30 Varies Impeller, 6x5x14 Semi Open Ductile Hard Iron
9D 1 H8267-1 601473689 Breather Stl 2* 1 H2524-XX-30 Varies Impeller, 8x6x11 Semi Open Ductile Hard Iron
9E 1 H2565-1 2565-1H Plug, Oil Fill Plastic 2* 1 H2525-A0-30 Varies Impeller, 8x6x14 Semi Open Ductile Hard Iron
9F! 1 H2539-3 2539-3H Dip Stick Stl 2* 1 H2526-XX-30 Varies Impeller, 10x8x14 Semi Open Ductile Hard Iron
9G 2 H2538-1 2538-1H Bolt, Casing Jack Stl 1E 1 H2501-01-30A 2501-37AH Wear Pad, 4X3X13 Casing Ductile Hard Iron
10A 1 H17950 17950H Cover, Inboard Bearing Iron 1E 1 H2502-01-30A 2502-37AH Wear Pad, 5X4X14 Casing Ductile Hard Iron
10B 1 H20625 648408706 Gasket, I.B. Brg. Cover Vegetable Fiber 1E 1 H2503-01-30A 2503-37AH Wear Pad, 6X5X11 Casing Ductile Hard Iron
10C 1 H2564-4 2564-4H Labyrinth Seal, IB Brg Cvr Buna-n 1E 1 H2504-01-30A 2504-37AH Wear Pad, 6X5X14 Casing Ductile Hard Iron
10D 2 H3861-1 3861-1H Bolt, I.B. Brg. Cover Stl 1E 1 H2505-01-30A 2505-37AH Wear Pad, 8X6X11 Casing Ductile Hard Iron
10E 1 661010033 Grease Fitting Stl 1E 1 H2506-01-30A 2506-37AH Wear Pad, 8X6X14 Casing Ductile Hard Iron
11 1 N/A 661009010 Bearing, Inboard Vendor 1E 1 H2527-01-30A 2527-37AH Wear Pad, 10X8X14 Casing Ductile Hard Iron
12 1 H20624-01-01 20624H Housing, O.B. Bearing Iron

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